Our Services

Through a unique collection of personal experience and trusted business associates, we provide professional advice, guidance and hands-on assistance with strategic and day to day activities in the areas of:


At KBS our wealth of knowledge and vast experience will assist your company in moving forward with Sales Strategies and Structure, Negotiations, Sales Processes, Prospecting / Business Development, Account Management, Category Management, Bid Preparations, Presentations and Customer Service Development.

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Working with you KBS can advise, develop and/or implement Market Research and Analysis; Planning and Forecasting; Product and Range Management; Campaign Strategies and Management and so much more to ensure you gather valuable information about your target markets and clients.

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Distribution and Logistics

KBS can work with you to organise the storage and distribution of your goods. Essentially ensuring the right products are delivered to the right location on time and at a good cost.  KBS has an in-depth understanding of the whole area of Distribution and Logistics covering Freight, Warehouse Planning and Management; Ecommerce Fulfilment Planning and Processes; Transport Planning and Management; Supply Chain Process Management.

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HR, Training and Coaching

At KBS we can show you how to get the best out of your employees and at the same time manage the knowledge within your organisation successfully to your maximum advantage, by applying a range of practical management techniques in the right place, and at the right time by working on Human Resource Planning; Personnel Assessments; Tailored Development Programmes; Individual and Team Mentoring and Coaching.

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Change Management

Any change to structure or process requires thoughtful planning, sensitive implementation, consultation and involvement of the people affected by the changes.

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Business Performance and Profitability

KBS can conduct in-depth financial business research to improve the key account management processes within your organisation and establish sustainable business strategies to move your organisation forward by analysing business performance and strategies and, as a result, identifying key operational issues.  KBS can perform due diligence processes to qualify any future investments, thus protecting your organisation.

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Project Management

Project Management

Interim & Flexible Resourcing

Interim & Flexible Resourcing


UK and International business experience comes from the following Regions:

  • Scandinavia – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland
  • Europe – Western, Eastern, Southern and some parts of Russia
  • North America and Canada
  • Africa – South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya,
  • Far East – China, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Why Choose Us

  • We have built a reputation for uncomplicated, pragmatic and cost effective solutions to many varied business issues.
  • We have a wealth of real World experience across a range of strategic business development and general business management disciplines.
  • A business built on extraordinary, like minded and talented individuals.
  • Absolute focus on the client and their challenges and opportunities.
  • We are passionate about what we do and have a hands-on practical approach.

What Client’s Say

KBS came to the business at a time of much change for Smythson. There was a new owner with high ambition for Smythson and despite having extraordinary people, products and quality, sales had been stagnating for a couple of years. KBS reviewed the business structure along with the new owner’s plan for growth. KBS assessed the business needs and proposed a business platform and process to achieve the growth plans. The owner subsequently asked KBS to operate as part of the Executive Board while the key appointments, recommended by KBS, were headhunted and employed. I worked with KBS following my appointment as CEO in May 2012 and I have valued and appreciated their level headed experience and professionalism throughout that time. I have no reservations in recommending their services” 
Andy Janowski CEO, Smythson
“KBS took control of some key problem areas with the major UK grocery multiples and created a profitable platform for growth. KBS were extremely professional, a welcome member of the team and they rekindled strong relationships for Duni UK with our customers” 
Anne Marie Stott, former Managing Director, Duni UK
KBS used their extensive International experience to understand the different cultures and working practices across our South Europe Region. KBS made significant, business critical recommendations to change the Regional model and gained the Boards agreement to implement and manage the process. KBS quickly gained the confidence of everyone involved in the process and operated in a regional executive role as well as becoming a key member of the headquarters executive team. I endorse the skills and expertise of KBS and their knowledge of International business” 
Wim Welman, former CEO, Duni Group

“KBS provided a fresh insight to key strategic issues within the Duni Group. Their ability and speed to understand this complex business was very impressive. We asked KBS to operate in several executive development roles in the Far East and East Europe programmes and they became an integral part of our executive team, contributing to the development of Duni International operations. I would strongly recommend their services” 

Mikael Nordin, former COO, Duni Group
“KBS helped us out at a time when we were in real need of resources but didn’t want to add fixed cost to our payroll at the time. KBS offered a flexible but extremely professional and experienced resource that enabled us successfully to meet our business commitments with a particularly challenging client. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again”

Peter Millard, CEO/Owner, Harling Menzies